Cómo vestir para tu tipo de cuerpo

How to dress for your body type: a quick guide

Generally, when you buy a piece of clothing, just liking it is enough to buy it and want to wear it, but before making any purchase, the ideal is to know how to dress for your body type, which garments will suit you more and which ones you should avoid.

Dressing appropriately for your body type can enhance your best assets and make you feel more confident.

Below, we offer you tips for different body types and what clothes to consider or avoid so that you are clear, and put theory into practice.

How to dress for your body type?

The first thing we should consider when choosing how to dress for your body type is which body stereotype best represents you. Based on the main characteristics of that stereotype, you will be able to choose the right clothes with greater precision.

rectangular body

This is the name given to bodies that have more or less the same width of the chest and hips, while the waist is not defined.

What favors

  • Blouses or dresses with a cinched waist to create curves.
  • Pants and skirts with details on the hips.
  • Dresses with a princess cut that enhance the figure.

What to avoid

  • Clothes that are too baggy that flatten the figure.
  • Wide belts at the waist that emphasize the lack of curves.

triangular body

It is also called a pear body when it has a narrower upper part than the lower part, which is larger.

What favors

  • Upper part with striking colors or prints.
  • High-waisted skirts and pants that elongate the legs.
  • Structured blazers and jackets.

What to avoid

  • Flared pants that can widen the bottom.
  • Prints or bright colors in the hip and thigh area.

Inverted triangular body

It is basically the opposite of the previous body type, that is, shoulders wider than hips.

What favors

  • Pants and skirts with a straight or slightly flared cut. anterior, that is, the shoulders are wider than the hips.
  • Blouses that have a V-neckline to lengthen the area.
  • Dresses with a tight belt to define the waist.

What to avoid

  • Clothes that are too tight that highlight the abdomen area.
  • Exaggerated shoulder pads that broaden the shoulders.

oval body

It is a round body type, which by the way, we take into account to create all our garments, and it is characterized by a large waist.

What favors

  • Dresses and blouses with vertical lines that elongate the figure.
  • Straight leg or slightly flared pants.
  • Structured and well-fitting garments that define the waist.

What to avoid

  • Very tight garments that excessively mark the abdomen area.
  • Large prints that add unnecessary volume.

hourglass body

It is a body type that has a large bust and hips, with a well-defined waist, which gives it this name because it resembles an hourglass.

What favors

  • Any type of clothing, since this body type is naturally balanced.
  • Tight dresses and skirts that highlight your curves.
  • Belts to accentuate the waist.

What to avoid

  • Clothes that are too baggy that hide your natural curves.
  • Color combinations that unbalance the proportion.

Athletic body

Bodies that have a much more defined muscle mass are classified, regardless of their shape.

What favors

  • Dresses and skirts that create curves at the waist.
  • Blouses with details on the shoulders or sleeves.
  • Tight pants that enhance the buttocks.

What to avoid

  • Clothes that are too baggy that hide the athletic shape.
  • Cuts of pants and skirts that flatten the buttocks.

How to dress for your body type: one last consideration

How to dress for your body type: one last consideration These tips are simply guidelines that can help you highlight your natural attributes and feel more confident in your style. But of course, in addition to considering how to dress for your body type, you should also pay attention to the most important thing: be yourself!